Who we are

InteliVisa is a project set to innovate and re-think the way in which immigration services are provided in Spain. It's been developed in partnership with Madrid's own Duguech and Dip Legal experts. Our lawyers are veteran Spanish Immigration lawyers with years of expertise in their field.

We see a lot more to come in our near future. So we hope you join us on our journey as the InteliVisa project grows and develops. Day in and out we'll strive to continuously add features and further the streamline immigrations processes to their simplest form possible.

So if you're here this early on, be a part of it, and join the movement.

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Meet Our Team

Gustavo Carlos Duguech
CEO & Operations

Cofounder Gustavo Carlos Duguech Torrente, Senior Lawyer, has more than 15 years of experience in Global Mobility Management and Spanish Immigration Law. In 2008, he co-founded Duguech & Dip worldwide Legal Services, a law firm now known as Duguech & Dip.

Juan pablo Barnes
Product & Marketing Manager

Juan Pablo has extensive international experience and a diverse background including digital marketing, ecommerce, design, content production, retail franchise management and web design. Having personally experienced many of the hurdles involved in moving to Spain as a foreigner, Juan Pablo felt inspired to cofound InteliVisa and make the path easier for those going through similar processes.

Maria Fernanda Dip
Legal Manager

María Fernanda Dip, Senior lawyer, has more than 15 years of experience in Global Mobility and Spanish Immigration Law. In 2008, she was cofounder of the firm Duguech & Dip Worldwide Legal Services.

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