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When you are living in Spain as a foreigner you often find yourself in a variety of bureaucratic situations. Whetheryou’re dealing with a rental contract situation, need to register your address, have to travel out of Spain betweenvisas, or have certain student service needs, InteliVisa is here to help you out with whatever you need.

Attorney on demand
InteliVisa offers a direct link to comprehensive legal counsel through our Attorney on Demand consultation service. It’s the easiest way to get personalized and first class legal advice pertaining to Spanish immigration issues.
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This is an address registration service mandatory for anyone living in Spain. We’ll help you book your appointment and sort out what you need in order to get it done.
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Rental Contract Review
At InteliVisa, we’ll help you sort out rental contract situations and make sure you’re well positioned with an appropriate rental agreement.

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Rental Contract Termination
If you need legal help terminating a rental contract we’ll help you out. We can explore your options and make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Travel Permit Request
When you find yourself in between visa applications or legally residing in Spain without a residence card, you’ll often need a travel permit to re-enter the country. So let us get you on your way.
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Criminal Background Check
This service comes in handy whenever you have to provide proof of a clear criminal record for whatever process you may be going through. Save yourself some time and let us handle it.
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Social Security Number
If you’re living in Spain and find yourself in need of a Social Security Number, we’ll sort out the application and deal with the process.
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EU Citizen Students
We provide help compiling the documents and submitting the application necessary to register in Spain as a citizen of another EU country. This process also involves an in-person appointment which we can schedule for you.
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Other Quick
Services include

  • Full Service
  • Full platform functionality
  • Government communication
  • Appointment Services
  • Residence registration and de-registration
  • Residence Permit
  • Rental contract review
  • Travel permit requests
  • Dedicated case manager
  • Full App Web Functionality

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