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We’ve designed the simplest way to navigate the Spanish immigration system.
An easy to use dashboard will help you stay on track and informed while a team of legal experts handles all your Spanish immigration hurdles.
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Do you have a complicated visa or residency situation?
At Intelivisa we recommend getting a full legal consultation if you need to resolve a situation.

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This is a 1 hour remote or in-person (Madrid) meeting with a lawyer.
If you have more than a few questions or a complex situation, having your personal case fully analyzed by an immigration expert is your best option.
The session includes a complete analysis of your case and takes all possible factors into consideration in order to clearly define all the best options available to you. This is the best way to reach a successful outcome.

Available for purchase below & inside the platform as one of our Quick Services.

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"As expats living in Spain, we’ve always found it helpful to have Intelivisa to help with our process. They’ve been a tremendous resource for our family and have helped in numerous situations. We would highly recommend Intelivisa for their professionalism and years of expertise."
"Efficient, friendly, and professional, Intelivisa helped me navigate the Spanish residency process quickly and with ease. Intelivisa’s expertise and long experience in immigration law allowed them to explain every step clearly and make this bureaucratically complex process painless for me. I look forward to working with intelivisa for any future legal needs! "
"I was first referred to Intelivisa through my university for assisting me in applying for the job seekers visa in Spain. They were extremely professional, knowledgeable and not only made me understand the process but required very little effort from my side. I wholeheartedly recommend Intelivisa to anyone who requires any sort of immigration services."

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