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Intelivisa Team
June 7, 2023

Who wouldn’t want to study in Spain? It’s a beautiful country to be a student. With a vibrant youth culture and the allure of the European way of life, Spain ranks amongst the top 10 countries sought out by students looking to study internationally.

However, getting a Student Visa anywhere is often a hurdle, and Spain’s immigration system is no exception.Visas and other immigration services can always be processed individually by each applicant, but there are so many elements and requirements involved that it’s often more realistic for students to acquire legal assistance.This is especially true for students who don’t yet speak fluent Spanish.

Are you graduating and want to study in Spain?

Many foreign students seek residency options through work permits, possible extensions, or renewals.

  - Consult with us to know what options you have

   - Know the details of each residency option to avoid common pitfalls and misconceptions

   - Make an informed decision and take the best path forward with a good plan

Let’s make sure you end up in the best possible position in accordance with your personal situation.

Living abroad and want to study in Spain?

We’ll manage your case, help you stay organized, and make sure all the requirements are met for a perfect student visa application.

You can check out the requirements to get your Student Visa here.

Are you already studying in Spain?

Let us handle your residency work while you focus on something else.

     - Student visa renewals or new applications

     - Rental contract reviews or amendments

     - Internship applications

     - Residence Registrations (empadronamiento)

Price breakdown for Student Visa Application

Do you need a Student Visa Renewal?

We can also help you renew your visa. Forget about it and leave it in our hands.

Student Visa Renewal

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