Internship Visa and Residence in Spain

March 7, 2023

Residences for professional internships in Spain

If you have the opportunity to come to Spain for an internship and want to know which permit you need, what's the process, the requirements, advantages, and more… the following information will be interesting for you!

The residence permit for internships gives the student a change of legal status, i.e., it exchanges his or her authorization of stay for studies for a residence card, provided that the internships are related to the field of studies.

And you may ask, who can apply? 

Those who have completed higher education studies can apply. That is, university, master's or doctoral studies; higher sports education, higher vocational training and higher artistic and plastic arts education. Any education lower than these level 6 studies will be denied.

Advantages of the residence permit for internships

As well as the residence permit for job search, this is a very attractive option for people who wish to live and work in Spain, but did not obtain their university degree here, since, if the student finished his studies in the last two years prior to the application, or is doing his internship in Spain, he can apply for this permit.

In addition, it also has many advantages for companies, such as not having to deal with the current immigration process regarding hiring. The process can be carried out remotely and the contracts are more flexible.

Residence for professional internships by agreement

  • In this case, the student must be studying at the time of application at a university or higher education center.
  • The student is not an employee of the company. There is no direct relationship between the student and the company, because the higher education institution is responsible for managing the agreement.

Residence for professional internships by contract

  • In this case there must be an employment contract in accordance with labor regulations. The contract creates a contractual relationship between the company and the student, i.e. the student performs work like any other employee and pays social security contributions.
  • For the duration of the contract, the student may not be paid less than the minimum wage and is entitled to unemployment benefits.
  • The contract may be requested if the student has completed his or her studies in the last two years prior to the application. It has a duration of six months, extendable to one year.

Once the application is made, the administration has 30 days to respond. If the residence permit for professional internship is approved, the student will have a six-month authorization, or equal to the duration of the internship agreement.

The internship residence permit can be applied for during the study period. However, if the internship contract requires the student to have fully completed his or her studies, the residence permit will be granted if the foreign student can prove sufficient income to live on during the internship period, as well as medical insurance.

In the event that the student has completed higher education studies in the two years prior to the application, the residence permit for professional internships will be granted if there is a contract.

  • Are you interested in applying for a residence permit for professional internships?
  • Do you already have your residence permit for internships, but you want to do your internship in a different company than the initial one.
  • Are you an employer and want to hire foreign interns?

If you are a student and you need more information about the residence permit for professional internships; or you have a company and you are interested in knowing more about the hiring process, just schedule a consultation with us. Consult with us or sign up at Intelivisa and we will accompany you during the whole legal procedure.

*This information does not constitute under any circumstances legal advice, serving only for informational purposes. In case you need professional services in Global Immigration and Mobility, please contact us.

* It should be taken into account that the regulations of any of the countries analyzed, as well as the established procedures, may change at any time and without prior notice.

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