Do you know how to obtain a Spanish residency?

March 7, 2023

Do you know how to obtain a Spanish residency?

Have you thought about living in Spain and don't know the requirements to obtain the necessary documentation? Do you know the process to obtain a Spanish residency? Many doubts may arise regarding Spanish residencies, and Intelivisa is here to help you answer the most frequent questions! 

Temporary Residence 

A temporary residence allows you to stay in Spain for 1 year. You can renew this every year, up to a maximum of 5. This temporary residency permit is given to foreign people who meet the relevant requisites to live in Spain. It allows you to partake in profitable activities or services.

Permanent Residence

A long stay, or permanent stay in Spain, is given to those foreigners who have been temporary residents for 5 years straight. It allows you to work in Spain just like a normal Spanish citizen.

Residency Permit, depending on country of origin

The citizens of the European Union, or Schengen territory, must request a certificate from the EU registry. In order to obtain this, one must prove that as a member of the EU, you have a job, you are a student, or you have the financial means to support yourself, and have access to private health care.

This certificate does not expire but must be renewed periodically.

Residency Permit for non-EU Foreigners

Foreigners that are not part of the EU have a couple of different options to obtain a residency permit in Spain.

Student Visa

Non-EU citizens who wish to study or research in their study field, will have access to a student visa if they partake in an undergraduate degree, a master's degree, or a doctorate.

In order to request a Student visa, you will need to supply you legal record, proof that you have been accepted into the degree, and prove that you are able to support your stay in Spain financially during the period of the studies.

Non-Lucrative Residency

Non-Lucrative Residency visas can only be renewed if you have lived in Spain for 183 days. Once this period is over, it can be renewed. Take into account that it's only available for non-EU citizens.

Entrepreneurial Visa

If you would like to partake in business continuously in Spain or start you own business, you can request an Entrepreneurial Visa. As long as your project is innovative and gets approved by Spain's Economic Ministry.

If your project isn't innovative, you are still able to access this permit in your country of origin. Note that you will need a full detailed business plan, as well as the financial paperwork, private insurance, and provide your legal record.

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa or Investor Visa is given to non-EU citizens, that through the buying of services can show that their investment is greater than 500.000 EUR. They will also need to prove the ability to support themselves financially while residing in Spain.

If you are thinking about getting a Spanish residency, but none of the previous points apply to you, take into account that there are other ways in. Such as:

  • • Internship residency
  • • Employment search residency
  • • Self-employment residency
  • • EU member's family residency
  • • Family reunion residency

Do you want to come to Spain but you're not sure how? Consult with us through our Attorney on Demand service by booking here!

*This information does not constitute under any circumstances legal advice, serving only for informational purposes. In case you need professional services in Global Immigration and Mobility, please consult with us.

* It should be taken into account that the regulations of any of the countries analyzed, as well as the established procedures, may change at any time and without prior notice.

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